A Sweet, Clean, and Green Lana River

The Lana River flowing through the middle of Tirana has been given a place of honor in the city; wide boulevards run on either side, decorative lamp posts light its waters at night, and both banks have been planted with grass, trees, and bushes. However, the river itself has a less-than pleasing smell and often carries with it much of the rubbish that gets swept down storm drains.


Lana River

(Lana, Lane, Lanë, Lum i Lanes, Lum i Lanës, Proni Lana, Proni i Ljanes, Proni i Ljans, Prroj Lani)

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Art by the river.

Lana gardeners

Lana Treasure Hunters

Assessment of Heavy Metals in Plant Species along the Lana River – University of Tirana 2010



Lonely Planet Review 2010 – Sightseeing in a Place with no sights

From 501 Places:

“Reading about Tirana I soon found that there are no ‘must-see’ sights…The main landmark to find your way around Tirana is the Lana river; possibly the most filthy stretch of river in Europe. Bisecting the city into north and south areas, the banks and the water itself (what there is of it) are strewn with litter. The fact that it appears to be the city’s unofficial landfill site doesn’t stop young boys from dangling their fishing rods in hope into its murky mess.

Full article here.

Water Quality Assessment – University of Tirana Report

Assessment of river water quality in Albania:



Water Quality Assessment – Faculty of Natural Sciences

An assessment from between 2002-2006, on water quality of Albanian rivers, including the Lana:



Vision for the Lana

A riverside discussion of what the Lana could be.


Vision for the Lana

A digital vision for what the Lana could become:

Video – Brrylit, Tirana

An aerial view of the Lana, from Brrylit, by the Tirana ring.


Lana through Tirana

Flow of the Lana through Tirana centre

The above map outlines the route of the Lana River as it passes through Tirana city centre.